August 24, 2011

Alison Lee-About Childhood

photo by Alison Lee

1. Do you still have a piece of artwork you created when you were a child? If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, art or creativity in your childhood?

This is the first craft I made when I was 4 and a half. It's a purse I made for my mother for mother’s day. I knew that making “something” was what made me feel good. I can still remember how I thought this was a substantial purse and that adding the handle was brilliant spark of creativity. And then of course an embellishment of a flower for a touch of style.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?

 I remember how good it made me feel. Plus the concept of learning something from watching tv made it’s first impression.

Alison,  thank you so much.

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  1. Very cute. I love this childhood art concept. It brings back memories. Art is a great way to connect with children, and it is such a great way for them to learn about the world and themselves.


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