August 10, 2011

Lori Vliegen-About Childhood

photo by Lori

1.  Do you still have a piece of artwork you created as a child? Describe or explain. If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, art or creativity in your childhood? 

as i was growing up, my father was a pilot in the air force, so we moved around a lot. we were always limited on how much we could fill the moving truck with, so my mom really wasn't able to save things for us. unfortunately, i don't have a piece of artwork that i created as a child, but i do have fond memories of coloring in my color books (always staying within the lines.....), and there was a particular piece of art that i made when i was about nine years old that i remember. it was a wood-block carving of a mouse sitting underneath a polka-dotted mushroom. part of the reason i remember it so well is because i cut my thumb really badly using the carving tool! but the main reason i remember it is because it won a contest at school, so it was on display in the library window for an entire week.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?

one of my biggest memories about having my wood-block print on display in the library is that every time i walked past and saw it, i felt like an artist. i had almost forgotten that there were moments during my childhood that i really felt this way.....i grew up excelling in logical subjects like math, and i had decided that i wanted to be a teacher when i grew up. i don't remember anyone ever calling me an "artist" when i was young.....but i know i felt like one at times. it's interesting what we can learn from our own inner-child!

3. Will you be willing to share a photo of the artwork you did as a child or share artwork/photo inspired by that memory?

i've tried to re-create my little "mouse under the mushroom" artwork as best as i can remember it. however, instead of carving it from wood, i've used a piece of speedball speedy-carve (and this time i kept my thumbs out of the way!). i've also left a lot of the "imperfections" in the carving, because i remember it that way. thank you, ludid, for inviting me to share these memories.....i've really enjoyed it!
Thank you so much for sharing your story Lori.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I love Lori, and now I love her little mouse and mushroom! Lori is my stamp carving inspiration. Sweet interview! Thank you, Kathy

  2. it felt so good to connect with that inner-child-artist......thank you, ludid! xox

  3. How special to read your inner-child story Lori. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. What a wonderful story


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