August 3, 2011

Making paper boats

handmade woodcut stamp

 my siblings and i spent time outdoors
all day and everyday growing up.

one outdoor pleasure was making paper
(and wooden) boats.
we used to make wooden boats with
my dad. this is what i remember and cherish the most.

we would float them on puddles, ponds, and lakes.
the paper boats eventually sank or dissolved. yet, it gave
us the opportunity to make more and more.
that's what makes this childhood activity exciting.

ever since i started journaling about my childhood,
i think about how much i miss living close to my siblings.

luckily, we have a big reunion coming up later this month.
maybe, we can make some paper boats and float down a creek
or make one or two wooden boats with my dad.

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  1. I'm glad that you'll soon be reuniting with your happy sailing together!


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