August 22, 2011

Riding the yellow school bus

school begins today in my neck of the woods.  my son starts his first day of pre-k. 
a new school year also reminds me of my experience of moving to a new country as a child.

when i moved to the U.S.A with my family about 30 years ago, we were excited
about many things.  one being that my siblings and i would be attending school
and learning a new language.  we were even more excited about riding
a yellow bus to school.  we were thrilled about the whole concept.

there were times when we almost missed the bus (we did one or two times)
 and i remember my mom running behind it trying to get the bus driver to stop. 

 although there were times when we wished we didn't have to ride the bus,
the memories i have of  the yellow school bus are pleasant.

this visual journaling childhood series is a long term journaling project
for me.  it continues to be so enjoyable to remember this time of my life.
i continue to carve wood to make a permanet mark of that memory.
you can follow my visual journaling childhood series here.

check out the artist interviews about childhood here with more
wonderful stories coming later on in september.
if you would like to take a button about this series, check it out on the sidebar.

have a great monday.

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