January 31, 2011

Note to Self:

Your creative self was asking something from you.
Remember that you made a choice to follow your dreams.

Monday it is

Not a great start to a Monday morning.  A bit of cleaning
needed before the next project begins.

January 28, 2011

Luckiest girl

I may have mentioned in the past that my husband is from Seoul, South Korea.  This is a picture
of our Korean Traditional Wedding.   We've been married for 7 years.
Although our anniversary is not until December, I always celebrate how lucky I truly am to have
this amazing guy in my life.

Immensely blessed.

So here is a little love song for my sweet guy.

photos taken by family

January 27, 2011

Food and bowls

my favorite salad.  sometimes i add a bit of feta cheese
for that extra something.

a bit of art journaling.

January 26, 2011


i am paying attention  to those little moments that make up my life.
i am noticing and capturing the things that surround me on a daily basis.

and then facing my truth. i am doing the work that needs to be
done for my soul, heart, and mind.

January 25, 2011

New work

Life of Threads: Collages
threads and mixed media on wood
 7 2/8 X 7 inches 

Life of Threads:  Collages
Childhood Drawing
threads and mixed media on wood
7 2/8 X 7 inches

Life of Threads:  Collages
Story of Adventure
on book cover

Life of Threads:  Collages
Those Days
threads and mixed media on wood
7 2/8 X 7 inches

Life of Threads:  Collages
threads and mixed media on bookcover

this work is my TRUTH.  these are the STORIES i want to tell.

i  updated my flickr.  
 see more pictures here.

January 24, 2011


collages in progress

my antique store find over the weekend.

letting my life of threads speak to me.

and what is a creative weekend without some fun and play.

January 22, 2011


Just going to let my imagination run wild this weekend
 as i think about projects.

And also enjoy a visit from my brother and sister-in-law. 
Have a good weekend.

January 21, 2011

What if?


Do you like experiments?  I do.  My experiment consists of tapping into my childhood
to see what emerges creatively.

In the process of organizing old documents, I came upon my school
report cards and other documents when I was young. 

Then I came upon what looks like a payment schedule or receipt of my school registration.


What if?  I like when that question comes up.
What if I covered up the existing squares......

and stitched threads (life of threads) on them?


I thought about what colors
spoke to me for a particular month.

A document from my childhood inspired a little project with
heaps of fun and color.

Sometimes we just have to tap into our childhood moments for
the inspiration we need. 

January 20, 2011

January 19, 2011


the title of the post sounds pretty narcissistic doesn't it?
i am not.
  people who know me really well know that
taking pictures of myself and then posting them for
others to see is not easy. it's scary actually.
but you know what?  my self-portrait exploration project
is allowing me to be more comfortable with how i see myself. 
more importantly, it is allowing to handle negative thoughts in
a positive way. So on those days when i am being swallowed
up with self-doubt or fear, i will take look at myself in the mirror or take
a self-portrait and say keep it going.  this is your life now.  this is what you
want more than anything. then i will turn up the sound of my favorite music
and dance away in my studio.

January 17, 2011

Not too early for hearts

I have stocked up my shop with lots of heart goodies featuring Life of Threads. 

As you can see, I have much creating to do.  So many ideas in my head that 
need to be put into action.   I have also started working on another exciting project, but I cannot
quite share that part of my creating yet. 

Go ahead. Stop by my shop
 You might find something for that special someone or yourself. 
Thank you for stopping by.

January 16, 2011

First try

Aboard a flying carpet

mixed media on wood

My first attempt using beeswax.  It did not turn out how I expected or wanted.
I decided to post it, not because i think it looks good, but because
it is part of the creative process.  The results are not always successful. 
I will try to fix it some other way, but for now it is what it is. 

The lessons are learned and next time, hopefully, will be a better result.

It is a very interesting medium and one i hope to slowly and
successfully use in my artwork here and there. 

January 13, 2011

Stepping stones

Living my passion the best way i can today. 

Transparent windows

mixed media, threads, fabric on cardboard

"We make the decision as to whether the events of our lives will serve
as stepping stones or stumbling blocks.
--Maxie Dunnam

January 10, 2011

Altering the unused and winter

On one of my visits to a thrift shop, I found this cookbook.  I bought it
because it is a 3-ring notebook that I thought would be perfect for
a new journal. 

Although I removed most of the original pages, I did glue some of
 them together for studier pages.

While looking for some fabric to cover the cookbook, I found canvas that I painted
several months ago.  Surprisingly, it was almost the perfect size.  I had to do
some stitching here and there.

Then I cut a long strip of fabric, placed some fabric scraps on top, and stitched.
Now it wraps around the journal. 

 By the way, all this was done from midnight to about 2:00 am.  What can i
say, i couldn't sleep.

so refreshing.

 I had to sneak these pictures in after the winter storm we received over the weekend. 
 Super fun time with my cuties.