August 31, 2011

Like a gentle bird

taking pictures of my art while holding it in my hand
 made me think about how we should be more gentle with ourselves, 
our relationship,s and our art. 

  like holding a little
 bird in the palm of our hands.

August 29, 2011

Full of color

another painting i finished. this pink is very uncharacteristic of
my choice in color.  i have to admit that it brought a
huge smile to my face.

 i am mainly working small, but i plan to start working
 on larger wood panels or canvas soon.

August 27, 2011

Business crafty-DIY

an event today might give me the opportunity to share my
business card.

so i got to work and carved my own stamp.

 stamped my name with this stamp kit.

this old, but super sharp papercutter that my dad gave
me was just what i needed.

 i typed my contact information on sticker paper,
cut strips to card size....

attached it to the back.

all set.

my creativity is nourished for today.
feels good.

how did you nourish your creativity today?

August 26, 2011

August 24, 2011

Alison Lee-About Childhood

photo by Alison Lee

1. Do you still have a piece of artwork you created when you were a child? If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, art or creativity in your childhood?

This is the first craft I made when I was 4 and a half. It's a purse I made for my mother for mother’s day. I knew that making “something” was what made me feel good. I can still remember how I thought this was a substantial purse and that adding the handle was brilliant spark of creativity. And then of course an embellishment of a flower for a touch of style.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?

 I remember how good it made me feel. Plus the concept of learning something from watching tv made it’s first impression.

Alison,  thank you so much.

August 23, 2011

August 22, 2011

Riding the yellow school bus

school begins today in my neck of the woods.  my son starts his first day of pre-k. 
a new school year also reminds me of my experience of moving to a new country as a child.

when i moved to the U.S.A with my family about 30 years ago, we were excited
about many things.  one being that my siblings and i would be attending school
and learning a new language.  we were even more excited about riding
a yellow bus to school.  we were thrilled about the whole concept.

there were times when we almost missed the bus (we did one or two times)
 and i remember my mom running behind it trying to get the bus driver to stop. 

 although there were times when we wished we didn't have to ride the bus,
the memories i have of  the yellow school bus are pleasant.

this visual journaling childhood series is a long term journaling project
for me.  it continues to be so enjoyable to remember this time of my life.
i continue to carve wood to make a permanet mark of that memory.
you can follow my visual journaling childhood series here.

check out the artist interviews about childhood here with more
wonderful stories coming later on in september.
if you would like to take a button about this series, check it out on the sidebar.

have a great monday.

August 18, 2011

Tea time

i just found some childhood friends on facebook.  the memories
i have of them are so precious for me. so excited to reconnect with them.
i wish we could have some time for tea and remember our childhood
experiences and catch up. 

if there are any childhood friends that you want to find,
 try looking for them.  it is so good for the soul.
these last several hours have been so good my soul.

August 17, 2011

Julie Prichard-About Childhood

1. Do you still have a piece of artwork you created when you were a child? If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, art or creativity in your childhood?

Memories of Growing up with an Artist Mom:
In 1976 I was 5 years old. My mother stayed at home with my brother and I. She was an artist.

Spending hours over her drawing table as we played outside, we were not permitted to disturb her concentration. She labored over the most intricate pencil drawings I have ever seen-to date. She reproduced National Geographic images with impeccable accuracy. She made drawing look easy.

Turpentine for her oils, tubes of paint, the rubber eraser that was like play-dough, the Prismacolor blue 2B pencils...her wooden drawing table. Those are my most treasured memories of art as a child. I saw the neighbors and my relatives look at the paintings and share their delight.

all photos by Julie Prichard

In the 70's we wandered through art supply stores. Most notably, Aaron Brothers. Aaron Brothers in the 70's was the size of a current day Best Buy. It was a super-warehouse of art. Frames, easels, the pads of huge paper...the clay! I remember one of my favorite aisles was the ceramics section. Huge rolls of real clay...I dreamed of owning a pottery wheel. While my mother shopped for the perfect wood and matt for custom framing, we wandered. I studied my wallet and collected pens and pastels a la cart that I could afford. If we were "good" while she was in the store, we left with small art treats. It seemed like we were in Aaron Brothers every week.

My father instilled in us the knowledge of how to fix and repair things for ourselves. I can't say that I ever remember having a repairman over to the house to fix anything in those days.. We stayed home a lot (still do) and learned how to entertain ourselves. I attribute these factors to my creativity today.

I was encouraged to be creative by being given a small Vivitar 110 film camera. My father would develop the film at Fedco for me. I would study the pictures and could not wait for him to bring the photo envelopes home. The processing seemed like it took forever in those days (I think it actually did). When I was frustrated that I could not draw like my mother, I picked up some film and went to take pictures of the neighborhood kids. My love for photography has not stopped since then.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?
Every time I enter any art supply store, I am taken back to those days as a child. Everything is familiar.

My mom is private and has never shown her art. But I love her for exposing me to art. I love her for having it in our home. And my dad....thank you for building the confidence to take things apart.
Julie,  thank you so much. 
read more about  Artist Interviews: About Childhood here.

August 15, 2011

the orange one

the orange constellation. 
several months ago i found a great vintage book
with fabulous paper. 

i am using the paper for some of
my new constellation collages.

stitching on the back of the collage.

August 11, 2011

Visual note

i want to:

take a hot bath
get a massage
take off my shoes and play in a puddle
learn how to dance a few ballroom dances

August 10, 2011

Lori Vliegen-About Childhood

photo by Lori

1.  Do you still have a piece of artwork you created as a child? Describe or explain. If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, art or creativity in your childhood? 

as i was growing up, my father was a pilot in the air force, so we moved around a lot. we were always limited on how much we could fill the moving truck with, so my mom really wasn't able to save things for us. unfortunately, i don't have a piece of artwork that i created as a child, but i do have fond memories of coloring in my color books (always staying within the lines.....), and there was a particular piece of art that i made when i was about nine years old that i remember. it was a wood-block carving of a mouse sitting underneath a polka-dotted mushroom. part of the reason i remember it so well is because i cut my thumb really badly using the carving tool! but the main reason i remember it is because it won a contest at school, so it was on display in the library window for an entire week.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?

one of my biggest memories about having my wood-block print on display in the library is that every time i walked past and saw it, i felt like an artist. i had almost forgotten that there were moments during my childhood that i really felt this way.....i grew up excelling in logical subjects like math, and i had decided that i wanted to be a teacher when i grew up. i don't remember anyone ever calling me an "artist" when i was young.....but i know i felt like one at times. it's interesting what we can learn from our own inner-child!

3. Will you be willing to share a photo of the artwork you did as a child or share artwork/photo inspired by that memory?

i've tried to re-create my little "mouse under the mushroom" artwork as best as i can remember it. however, instead of carving it from wood, i've used a piece of speedball speedy-carve (and this time i kept my thumbs out of the way!). i've also left a lot of the "imperfections" in the carving, because i remember it that way. thank you, ludid, for inviting me to share these memories.....i've really enjoyed it!
Thank you so much for sharing your story Lori.

August 9, 2011


i have found that i most enjoy carving my
 own stamps on this type of linoleum.

a few whimsical designs.  any preference?
vino (wine).

see up close here.

please stop by on wednesday for the first artist interview in the
series about childhood.  it is sure to be a treat.
i can always count on the passion of this artist for carving stamps, journaling,
and sharing joyful artwork and messages.

August 8, 2011

August 5, 2011

Fine things

yesterday while making prints of some new work, i
met an employee of the print shop who said something
that is true about being an artist.  he said "being an artist
must be a grand experience."

i hope you will visit my new portfolio here which
features new work.  my etsy shop will be updated soon
with some prints as well.

a new project that fills me with so much joy will begin
in the next weeks.

being an artist is simply one of many fine things.

August 3, 2011

Making paper boats

handmade woodcut stamp

 my siblings and i spent time outdoors
all day and everyday growing up.

one outdoor pleasure was making paper
(and wooden) boats.
we used to make wooden boats with
my dad. this is what i remember and cherish the most.

we would float them on puddles, ponds, and lakes.
the paper boats eventually sank or dissolved. yet, it gave
us the opportunity to make more and more.
that's what makes this childhood activity exciting.

ever since i started journaling about my childhood,
i think about how much i miss living close to my siblings.

luckily, we have a big reunion coming up later this month.
maybe, we can make some paper boats and float down a creek
or make one or two wooden boats with my dad.