January 29, 2012

Appreciation & Giveaway

I have so much appreciation for you who encourage and support me through your comments and e-mails.
And for sharing your creations and creative life via your blogs.
How truly wonderful it feels to be able to connect with fabulous people from all over the world.

So I have prepared this surprise giveaway to celebrate this little creative space with all of you.  If you have never commented or are not a follower, and this space brings a little smile in some small way, I encourage you to become a follower. 

As I mentioned, this giveaway is a surprise item so you will not know what this lovely item is until a winner is announced. Along with this surprise item will come other small surprise goodies!

Leave a comment perhaps to share what your favorite childhood memory is for a chance to win! 
 Make sure to include your contact info so I can find you if you win.

A random winner will be selected Tuesday night at 8:00 PM U.S. Central time and I will
announce the winner on Wednesday morning. To find out what time it is in your area click here.

Thank you everyone.  Comments are closed.
Winner will be announced tomorrow morning.


  1. Oooh a surprise giveaway - what fun! My favorite childhood memories are all about being outside riding my bike or playing in the woods behind our house.
    I'm a 'silent' follower - love your blog!

    1. hi judy, delighted to hear from you. thank you for sharing your memory. having the woods behind your house sounds like an adventurous childhood.

  2. A follower knows these things - that come Wednesday morning, your surprise giveaway will be delightful.

    As a child, I did not know it then, memories were made every day that I spent with my grandparents on their small farm. Cousins swimming in the river that ran through the property....I can still hear us squeal with joy.

    1. hello marty. thank you.
      my grandparents live (and lived) in different continents so i wasn't able to enjoy that beautiful relationship.
      i think i can hear all that joy you describe with your cousins.

  3. how wonderful with a giveaway,
    thank you for beeing so sweet.

    my favourite childhood memory is without question the time i spent in summer at my grandparents place. they had a garden filled with everything from apples to tomatoes. my grandfathet was a honey- and raspberry farmer. i still think of him everytime i eat or smell raspberries. grandmother used to sit in her chair knitting when i was going to sleep, even now the sound of knittingneedles working still has such a soothing effect on me : )

    1. greetings vibeke. your story just warms my heart. thank you.

  4. Hi! Hope you are feeling well. Your fiber art is beautiful. A favorite childhood memory of mine is when my great auntie Jean, an artist, sent me a big (surprise) box filled with pastels, thick paper, a biography/ watercolor art book about Homer, and lots of greeting cards to recycle in my creative endeavors. I treasured all of these goodies for years and years. She encouraged me always, to play with art. Sigh. Take care, kathy

    1. i am feeling so much better. thank you, kathy. it sounds like your aunt saw that special creative spark in you.

  5. thanks for your kind words here and at my blog!
    my favorite memories:
    playing in the forest with my cousins at our big family meetings once a year.
    best wishes to you

    1. big family meetings are indeed memorable. thanks for stopping by.


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