February 2, 2012

Blonde and blue

my childhood was extraordinary. i can truly say that i loved my childhood. thanks to my amazing parents. it wasn't easy for them, but they always gave my siblings and me an environment for a happy childhood. i love that i have access to memories of a most enjoyable time. i can feel the bumps on the street as i rode my bike everyday afterschool. i see myself clearly walking to the corner store called 'el globo' to buy gum for a penny. taking turns riding (very slowly) on the back of motorcycle for a quarter from a neighborhood high school kid (crazy i know; not sure if my parents know about that).   when i asked my parents if my hair would turn blonde and eyes blue when we immigrated to the United States. so many more memories and stories. it is hard not to keep going.

how can i capture those moments? i see a pattern in the projects i do and the questions i ask. after much painting and trying to find my own symbols, i see that what i am creating mostly relate to childhood or childlike experiences. 

that is what is so alive in me. it is deep within, but on the surface if you know what i mean. i feel it so strongly. with these paintings, i am looking at my world and expressing it in a way only i can. 

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  1. I love the colours on the first picture, this violett blue yellow...!


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