April 27, 2012

With love

different feelings are certainly taking their turn.

working through feelings of sadness and hope as my husband and his family in Seoul take care of their mom as a difficult journey begins.

feeling so guilty for allowing myself moments of excitement for my next art show and my new website ; for feeling such creative joy as i pour myself into painting; for believing that i can experience doing art full-time to see what happens.

a bit of an internal storm, but i am giving myself more space to meditate.  listening to this and this as well. 

this is life. 

all with love.

1 comment:

  1. I love your new design, it is so simple and clear that way.
    I hope you are fine just go on with your work and your way, it is a good one and seems to be the right one for you.
    best wishes to you and your familiy,
    x Stefanie


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