March 27, 2012

from a butterfly

bookmark/postcard/pin cushion/wrist warmers

a wonderful little package arrived via snail mail from sweet vibeke. the package is part
of the Craft It Forward project.  so now it is my turn to continue with the project.

For the first 5 who leave a comment, I will send you something handmade.
Once you receive my package, you will need to post about what i sent you and
continue with the Craft It Forward project by sending something handmade to the first 5 who comment on your post.   Anything can be sent as long as the items are handmade by you and
sent before the end of 2012.

******Comments now closed.  Thank you for participating. 

March 22, 2012

art and wellness

what an amazing trip i had visiting family and enjoying each place.
after spending the night and most of the next day at the st. louis airport
because of weather delays,  arriving home felt even better.

glad to be among my paints.

Here We Go
mixed-media on canvas

last night was the art show reception. i had the chance to speak
to the artists who selected the works for the show.
they both gave me some wonderful feedback and recommendations.

not fully rested yet, but i better hurry and catch up on my sleep.
i leave to berkeley on friday for a weekend of creative wellness.

happy weekend to you.
i shall return.

March 8, 2012


explorations: seemingly flowers
ink and acrylics on paper

it has been a busy last couple of weeks. the happenings include:
-continuing to work on a series: Here We Go.  three paintings done for now.
i haven't shown much of the paintings just a few sneak peaks,
but hope so soon.
-traveling to colorado and virginia to visit family. leaving tomorrow. the
little paint doodles in the picture above are my last minute explorations before my trip.
-art exhibition opens today. my first participation in one. exhibiting one painting.
reception for art show is on the 21st.  i will be back in town by then.
- i will be spending some days at Teahouse Art Studio
in Berkeley, California at the end of the month.  so ready and excited.
sending you warm wishes.

March 7, 2012

my letter

my tears fell softly as i wrote this short, but meaningful letter
to one of my childhood homes.  sending it today as part of this wonderful project. 

a new creative practice started for me today.
send snail mail to people i know.

what would you say to one of your childhood homes?

March 4, 2012



sketches created on the Samsung Galaxy Note
then layered digitally on painted background.

always exciting to see what emerges
from being with myself,  my emotions, and
some extra little gadgets.

i am also painting away on a very playful series. 
the first painting in the series is currently
at an art gallery. the exhibition begins
this thursday.  the actual reception
is not until the 21st.

this month is a month of travel for me.
i'll share more about it later on this week. 

on another note, i enjoyed a sunday
with truly incredible weather.

wishing you a wonderful week. 

March 2, 2012


how could i not participate in this project
when it was announced?

ready to write my letter to one
of my childhood homes.