April 28, 2012


i am a list maker.
i truly believe this book was written for me.
do you have books that make you feel this way?

April 27, 2012

With love

different feelings are certainly taking their turn.

working through feelings of sadness and hope as my husband and his family in Seoul take care of their mom as a difficult journey begins.

feeling so guilty for allowing myself moments of excitement for my next art show and my new website ; for feeling such creative joy as i pour myself into painting; for believing that i can experience doing art full-time to see what happens.

a bit of an internal storm, but i am giving myself more space to meditate.  listening to this and this as well. 

this is life. 

all with love.

April 25, 2012


i am making some changes here on the
blog and working on a new place.
when you come by and things
look a bit out of sorts or different,
you will know why.

these changes are part of
 a new focus. hoping to have
everything up and running soon.

happy wednesday.
EDIT:  new blog address is www.ludidryu.blogspot.com

April 20, 2012

friday notes

taking  walks in local nature reserve.
potting  succulents.
learning  about  planting  roses  after  a  beautiful  post  from  julie.
allowing  time for reflection and meditation.

hoping  some  paintings  are  accepted  for  another  art  show.
making  decisions  about  blog  and  websites

p a i n t i n g

April 14, 2012


getting over some aches and pains this week.
trying this and this.
enjoying this and this.
holding my husband and his family close
to my heart.

April 6, 2012

polaroid fridays

stack of my journals.

love my watercolors.

the sound of fish art journal page.

currently reading.


tea time.

favorite pair of jeans.

April 4, 2012

every collage tells a story

she looks out her window and imagines this galaxy.
she needs to distance herself from what she knows.

her galaxy includes a playhouse which she calls the circle of trees.

  flowering fruit trees bloom and light up her galaxy.
she is transported to a place of restoration.

she can't explain her enclosed galaxy.
she is inspired by a man who speaks to the moon.
it cheers her up.

© by ludid ryu

April 3, 2012

visual journaling and other bits

reflecting on my notes from my time at tea house art studio.

from my journal.

another page from my journal.

happy tuesday!