January 21, 2013


my creative energy for 2013 seems to be welcoming some exciting intentions.  the 365 project i began last august is missing in action.  i had to evaluate whether the attention i placed on the project supported my intentions for 2013 and it seems that it did not.  i enjoyed it fully.  i hope you did too.  it bothers me that i left the project undone, but i know that many good things will still be created on the art table.  thank you for following along. 

in the meantime, i am organizing to get ready for more painting and enjoying the process like never before.  

 first, i need to take care of this.  i sprained my ankle this morning.  i heard it pop and down i went.
taking it easy.

 self-care is what i need today.

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  1. UH OH. Looks like you are taking care of yourself. Isn't it funny how all that energy can sometimes trip us up! ? But it looks like you are off to a good start.


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