January 17, 2013

Vibeke-About Childhood

The next About Childhood artist interview comes from 
the beautiful Vibeke of A Butterfly in My Hair blog.
Enjoy Vibeke's about childhood story.

1.  Do you still have a piece of artwork you created when you were a child?  If not, is there a specific memory that you recall about a piece of artwork, creativity in your childood?
I don't have any of the artworks that i created as a child but i have some wonderful memories of creativity from my childhood that i would love to share.

I were so lucky to have two creative grandmothers and an aunt who all were very crafty women. Sewing, baking, knitting, crocheting, weaving, embroidery and gardening were some of their skills. When I visited, they always let me join in with what they were doing. Despite the fact that I had a lot of friends at my own age to play and spend time with my favourite playmates above all were these three crafty and wonderful women. One of the things that meant the most to me where their interest to share their skills with me and of course also the fact that they took time to spend time together with me AND that they also enjoyed it so much : )

There was also one more person who I  have wonderful creative memories with from my childhood, my dear grandfather (who loved children). He was a raspberry- and bee farmer
and if I was supposed to choose only one specific memory from my childhood it must be this one...a memory i am often thinking back to:

Every raspberry season my grandfather asked me if I  wanted to help him with the harvesting and I remember feeling soooooo grown-up because he wanted me with him. After I grew older I understood that it was because he wanted to spend time with me and not because of the amount of raspberries I picked because most of them ended up in my stomach anyway...: )

After we had harvested the amount he wanted we took them inside into the kitchen and there I spent the rest of the day with my grandmother turning these newly picked raspberries into the most deilicous jam, juice and frozen raspberry ice pops ...I found this process completely magical. Maybe not so creative many may think but for me it was, and among other things it has made me appreciate and aknowledge the process that lies behind the making of things, not only on the end product.

When my grandfather died I inherited his beekeeper book and after one of my grandmothers died I inherited her sewing box.

Today these are reminders in my daily life of creativity and happy memories.

2. What does it (artwork/memory) mean to you now?
These memories mean a lot to me, they are beautiful and sparkling treasures that i carry with me in my heart. Above all they make me happy but they also give me confidence and belief in myself when it comes to creating things and especially when i am learning something new,like i have done lately when my mother has given me some sewing lessons.
The wrap around dress i am wearing in the photo above is actually one of the results
from our creative hours together with the sewing machine.The first photo is showing the latest knitting garment that i have made for myself and it has fastly turned into my favourite.
My grandfather had green thumbs and i have actually noticed that mine has turned green also : ) Every year now i take cuttings from my geraniums and grow them into small plants that i give away to friends for christmas or birthdays, often together with something i have knitted.
Some years back i were forced to slow down and live a simpler life because of a physical illness and despite the fact that this has been (and still is from time to time)
a big and hard challenge to go though there has also been some hidden blessings in it also and for me the biggest one has been the unraveling of my inner creativity. Before i got sick i lived the typical busy life (and for me that is for sure a creativity"killer") with no time or focus on beeing creative but because these last years have been lived in such a slower pace and also in more awareness of the present moment a process has started in me...an unraveling of my inner creativity.

All photos by Vibeke.
Visit her blog at
to find out more about her creative life.
Thank you for sharing you story Vibeke.


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  2. Reading your words is always a sensuous journey.

    Raspberries and honey...it doesn't get much better than that.

    Your 4 dear relatives gave you the gift of love.

    And it doesn't get any better than that.


  3. Thank you for this interview! Feel enriched by knowing a bit more about beautiful Vibeke!

  4. like a microscopic revelation. the detail. the heart shaped memories. an honour.

  5. Your artist interviews are wonderful! I've enjoyed each one.

  6. A fascinating and delightful interview, I'm so glad you have shared this with us. Now, I'll have to go read some more! thank you.


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