November 4, 2013

A very important conversation

more than art journaling.
it really is a heart to heart conversation with God.
(honest conversations)
God is who authentically guides me through life. 
 when I am not completely connected to Him,,,
when my plans interfere with God's relationship with me,,,
that's how I know realignment is needed.
how can we know when this is happening?
this is how I know:
my plans consume my thoughts and actions.
my productivity in every way is disrupted.
the way I treat others is affected negatively.
my health is damaged.
my ability to trust God completely is reduced.
I celebrate the subtle and light-bolting messages
that have come from meditation and have shown up
incredibly in other ways.
I celebrate the people.....
and my pastor.
(welcoming messages)
God's presence in my path allows me
to recognize the power in my spiritual connection
with Him.
since the summer, I have been on a quiet and tender
realignment of my spiritual life in relation to my day to day story. 
tending to it and nurturing it requires
courage and self-discipline.
and I am holding on tightly to His truth.
(daily conversations)
our spiritual walk is so personal.
as I was writing this post, I wondered if
I should be sharing such a personal walk.
this is who I am.
this is part of my light.
God is the foundation to connecting to myself.
life is not about striving every single day. 
now, it is time to partner with Him
completely to use the gifts He has already given me
with joy and ease. 
I am trying to find ways to creatively take
each aspect of my life to reflect
God-centered truths. 
a new practice I am trying begins with.......
honest conversation with God preferably before sunrise
every single day to prepare me for messages I may receive
throughout the day.
With Love,
Guiding Scripture: 
You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north. 
Deuteronomy 2:3


  1. My gosh Ludid, I read this with surprise and pleasure and then tearfully when I read Deut. 2:3. Thank you. xo Carole

    1. thank you, Carole. wishing you all the best.


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