December 18, 2014

Handmade holidays

I simply loved making handmade ornaments and gifts this year.

this little tree feels so much more special 
with this garland made with so much joy and love.

Wishing you a warm and lovely Christmas.

December 5, 2014

October 17, 2014

where the Spirit works

'Let my prayers guide my work and 
my work give way to prayer.'

  My most cherished practice. 
  The way my relationship to Christ gives way to His wonders.
 It is where the Spirit works.  

The invitation.

Let our prayers guide our work and 
our work give way to prayer. 

October 15, 2014

A not so ordinary morning

One morning....
a question surfaced.
A scary question.
A most amazing question.

God, what are you working on and
how can I join you?

October 8, 2014

the words that found me

May the beauty of the leaves where you live bring you
blessings or make you want to do wild somersaults.


October 3, 2014

Shine in the awkwardness

When I see someone's awkwardness,
 it reminds me of mine.

-mainly clumsy for me-
a would you trust me with your dishes moment

That reminder is truly an opportunity.
An opportunity that can become
a soul-shaping moment. 

A moment that includes a response in truth.
Embracing the awkwardness.
Reminded of my identity in Christ.  

Knowing that He shaped me.
Uniquely shaped each one of us.

Knowing that He loves us.

Believing that we already belong.

And if the awkwardness is part
of who I am, that might
just be part of what I have to give.

Shine bright.


September 29, 2014



stories we think we know so well that often
can hold unexpected magic.

#leaning to writing
#offhand note writer
#enter and embrace writing.

September 18, 2014

Feathered things

She took off her shoes. 
Went looking for feathers.
She has a thing for feathered things.

I am thinking trail in the woods,
the autumn.

Finding my way back to the joy of art making with
a different perspective and excitement.  

August 27, 2014

the season inside

My inner wiring says welcome fall.
The weather says not yet

It is a sweater dressing moment.
Trying it on.

And yet I hear, be patient.  
It will come.

Sit back and enjoy
 the gradual change of season....

Outside and in Life.

August 26, 2014

first light of a new day

Waking up to Greatness.

Thank You Lord for making a way
 for the sun to enter in.

August 20, 2014

Enter and Embrace Podcast #4: Faith stepping stones

In this episode I share a short story my mom wrote and how
she has been an example for my faithful journey.  

The newsletter includes a transcript of the podcast.
  If you have already signed up, thank you!
 If you haven't yet, come on over and sign up.
See you there.

August 18, 2014

A blog hop

Thank you, Vibeke for invited me to join.  So beautiful to get to know more and more about you through your blog hop post.  Here is mine:

What am I working on?

Writing is an important part of my day.  Part of that includes launching a newsletter which includes the podcast with transcripts, creative and spiritual insights/reflections. Reading 'Atlas Girl' by Emily Wierenga. Getting my little one ready to start school.  And lots of soul work.  I am intentionally leaving some space in my days to be open to surprises.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

This is such a tough question.  Yet, I am on the road to understanding more about my uniqueness.  I am celebrating God's unique presence in my life.  Seeing how my story has connected and is connecting with God's purpose little by little.  My life is deeply and wonderfully wrapped by God's love and grace. Taking little and big faithful steps along the way.  The greatest gift is fully understanding that faith is not about an easy journey, but one of commitment. My work includes my faith with creative implications.   Now, it is a much more intentional way of putting God at the center of what I do.  With God at the center, I get closer to ways He needs for me to create and share His love and grace.....faithfully.

Why do I create what I do?

Because I couldn't not do it.  It's about embracing the gifts that have been assigned to me to take care of, embrace, and share.

How does my creative process work?

My creative process used to be highly complicated.  Now, it is about my devotional time with God with everything rooted by faith.  This is taking me to channel my gifts for a much richer and joyful purpose.  I am involving God in my process and that process is simply beautiful.

If you would like to continue the blog hop, post your answers on your blog and let me know so I can come by and visit.  I truly enjoyed reflecting on these questions.

August 13, 2014

It's coming

I have just spent the most amazing and relaxing vacation with my family.
The sea was clear and lovely with occasional jelly fish here and there.
Feel so refreshed.

Would you like to receive the Enter and Embrace newsletter?
I am launching it soon!! 

The newsletter will provide the podcast and transcript so you
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The first newsletter will include the podcast and transcripts for 
the first three episodes.

 The new podcast will be 
released soon after.

Looking ahead it might include other creative love notes.
It will  be sent out once or twice a month. 

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Thank you for allowing me to share 
my insights and reflections.

July 29, 2014

the everyday

polka dot kind of day.
playful wearable.

a good place.

ease and warmth.
tea set from South Korea.

beauty is made of this.

July 1, 2014

artful distractions

their stories almost always go back to...........

what helps them move forward into surprising paths?

June 23, 2014

Summer of simple ingredients

one of my summer reads.
it is changing the way i think about writing.

wishing i could spend the summer here
writing in my dad's cabin.

this summer is all about simple ingredients.

May 30, 2014


slowly working through a
specific story/experience.
complicating things is easy for me to do.   
thinking of the story/experience with simplicity.
shifting it from head to heart.

May 27, 2014

Soul-enhancing art book

tiny, wild gardens.
planting seeds of creativity in this book.
 it is filled with simple ingredients that are
soul-enhancing for me.
a container for my dreams.
I enjoy seeing these tiny seeds being nurtured daily.  
 I am completely devoted to this soul-enhancing process.
this book that is full of visual dreams is placed in God's hands.....
 and I say "here is my heart."

May 15, 2014

Poeming- About a Pig

Adventurous. Witty.
Collected. Simplified. Invited.
Delighted in a bunch of lovely hyacinths.
filed under

March 2, 2014

Enter and Embrace

In God's hands everything becomes so much greater....
is more meaningful.

Opening a meaningful door this coming March.
That door is part of an invitation for time offline for a month.

There won't be visible outward work, but there will be
 essential and powerful work happening inward and around me.

The deep desire to have a better sense of who I am in God has
taken me to open fully to the work only God can do in my life.

I am content that my creative voice may be a gentle and subtle breeze.
What blessings do I need to pass on to others?

That's the feeling and question I take with me
as I Enter and Embrace this month.

Thank you for coming by and being
a fellow traveler.

Until April......

February 24, 2014


what I am feeling this morning is that
we always have the option of serving those
in front us.....joyfully.