January 8, 2014

Reflective practice

At the end of 2013, I reflected on areas I felt might have held me back during the year.  

The notes I took to get me to the most relevant question looked like a
mathematical equation on a college board.
The question that finally emerged focused on expectations.

How can I remove or ease the need to feel validated
for my creative efforts?
We want to connect so bad that we tend to equate that validation
with success or failure.
As I tried to find some form of insight by focusing on spiritual-centered expectations,
I learned that we are given this longing in order for us to seek out our
potential and purpose
To grow and transform.
To identify who we are out core.
The new year began with a new mindset that focused
on returning the gifts I've been given. Returning the gift of who I am through
my artwork, my joy, my actions, my faith, my hope, my words.
Focus on the giving rather than the getting.
The awareness that this reflection gave me
has been huge.  I wanted to share with you how reflecting on this
question has been so helpful for me. This is how I understand
my way of working through this aspect of my life.  

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