January 10, 2014

Steward of time

For the month of January, I am embarking on an experiment on how to be a better steward of time. This got me thinking about the excessive burdens we place on ourselves as we try to do too much.  So many ideas, techniques, or mediums are available to us which we want to try.  So much inspiration that often leads us to unnecessary creating.  Perhaps we feel we may miss out on opportunities.  We wish for more time.  We try to prioritize and block our distractions or interruptions. 

I needed to find my way of understanding time management. One that would be more sustainable for me.   My spiritual study led me to reflect on the responsibility we have been entrusted with regarding time. 

Imagine how much time we would save if we freed ourselves from creating or participating in activities that do not align with our creative gifts/spiritutal gifts.  I would prefer to refer individuals to other creatives who are more equipped to handle other gifts that I don’t possess.  I know which creative areas or specific ministries are not meant for me.  Why would I insist on spending time trying to be something that naturally drains my energy level?  More importantly, focusing on gifts that draw me away from those that I can authentically claim as my most valuable gifts.  There are other gifts that have been placed in my care (in your care) to discover and nurture.  So it’s not about how much I can juggle, but more about how I spend my time with what has been entrusted to me (to you). 

So let’s assume we have authentically claimed our gifts.  Doesn’t it feel lighter?  I don’t feel that excessive burden. It frees me up to do or create authentically and naturally.  So now, that unloading has empowered me to focus.  Focus allows for clarity.  Clarity makes room for effective and efficient time management.

Because I have unloaded what is not part of who I am, I am able to give the best of who I am.  So maybe, after all, being a good steward of time is about giving the very best of what has been entrusted to each one of us.    This is the approach I am giving a try while I gently begin to claim my most valuable gifts. 
Thank you for reading----Ludid

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