January 16, 2014

the people we have yet to come to know

the people we have yet to come to know
I've been thinking about how my closest friendships developed.  More than likely, they 
began by conversation. Someone approaching the other. Starting a conversation with someone
can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward.  It is for me. Other forms of communication like
public speaking come more easily to me.  Interpersonal communication, not so much.
At times, I may use some excuse to keep me from communicating with another person. 
How many people have I missed getting to know because I have not been courageous enough to approach them? My phrase of the year has certainly got me thinking quite a bit about this topic.
We will find so many tips and advice on how to start conversations. We all need to find
what works for us. We aim for these initial conversations to be natural.  We hope to find a little bridge to help us feel more at ease with starting conversations. Sometimes we can sense when someone is curious about us or something keeps nudging us to bring up a subject. 
I wrote down a few initial intentions for my ice breaking mission:
notice opportunities on a daily basis.
make a list of people I see on a daily basis whom I have
yet to come to know and commit to starting a conversation
be willing to step out a little even if it's in a small way
A Smile
These intentions can make a big difference if given the chance. All of us are placed near people and in situations where just taking that first step will simply allow us to enjoy people around us more.
I'll keep practicing.


  1. It's true - a smile can go a long way!

    1. yes. sending you a warm smile. happy weekend.


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