March 2, 2014

Enter and Embrace

In God's hands everything becomes so much greater....
is more meaningful.

Opening a meaningful door this coming March.
That door is part of an invitation for time offline for a month.

There won't be visible outward work, but there will be
 essential and powerful work happening inward and around me.

The deep desire to have a better sense of who I am in God has
taken me to open fully to the work only God can do in my life.

I am content that my creative voice may be a gentle and subtle breeze.
What blessings do I need to pass on to others?

That's the feeling and question I take with me
as I Enter and Embrace this month.

Thank you for coming by and being
a fellow traveler.

Until April......


  1. Until April.............

  2. What a beautiful question to take into Lent. I am starting a self led retreat from a book recommended to me awhile back and now is the time for it and I feel very good about that.


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