August 18, 2014

A blog hop

Thank you, Vibeke for invited me to join.  So beautiful to get to know more and more about you through your blog hop post.  Here is mine:

What am I working on?

Writing is an important part of my day.  Part of that includes launching a newsletter which includes the podcast with transcripts, creative and spiritual insights/reflections. Reading 'Atlas Girl' by Emily Wierenga. Getting my little one ready to start school.  And lots of soul work.  I am intentionally leaving some space in my days to be open to surprises.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

This is such a tough question.  Yet, I am on the road to understanding more about my uniqueness.  I am celebrating God's unique presence in my life.  Seeing how my story has connected and is connecting with God's purpose little by little.  My life is deeply and wonderfully wrapped by God's love and grace. Taking little and big faithful steps along the way.  The greatest gift is fully understanding that faith is not about an easy journey, but one of commitment. My work includes my faith with creative implications.   Now, it is a much more intentional way of putting God at the center of what I do.  With God at the center, I get closer to ways He needs for me to create and share His love and grace.....faithfully.

Why do I create what I do?

Because I couldn't not do it.  It's about embracing the gifts that have been assigned to me to take care of, embrace, and share.

How does my creative process work?

My creative process used to be highly complicated.  Now, it is about my devotional time with God with everything rooted by faith.  This is taking me to channel my gifts for a much richer and joyful purpose.  I am involving God in my process and that process is simply beautiful.

If you would like to continue the blog hop, post your answers on your blog and let me know so I can come by and visit.  I truly enjoyed reflecting on these questions.


  1. ♥!
    LOVED reading Your answers!!
    thank you for sharing : )


  2. A beautiful, insightful response to these questions, Ludid, I truly enjoyed reading them (and seeing your wonderful drawings too!) xo


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