January 24, 2014

what it feels like

it simply feels good amazing to create.
expressing our brightness gently or boldly.
don't you agree?

January 22, 2014

between stillness

there is stillness in the room.
pauses and breaks between
artistic nourishment.
I stay still during those moments.

and then I hear it.
the music begins.

January 16, 2014

the people we have yet to come to know

the people we have yet to come to know
I've been thinking about how my closest friendships developed.  More than likely, they 
began by conversation. Someone approaching the other. Starting a conversation with someone
can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward.  It is for me. Other forms of communication like
public speaking come more easily to me.  Interpersonal communication, not so much.
At times, I may use some excuse to keep me from communicating with another person. 
How many people have I missed getting to know because I have not been courageous enough to approach them? My phrase of the year has certainly got me thinking quite a bit about this topic.
We will find so many tips and advice on how to start conversations. We all need to find
what works for us. We aim for these initial conversations to be natural.  We hope to find a little bridge to help us feel more at ease with starting conversations. Sometimes we can sense when someone is curious about us or something keeps nudging us to bring up a subject. 
I wrote down a few initial intentions for my ice breaking mission:
notice opportunities on a daily basis.
make a list of people I see on a daily basis whom I have
yet to come to know and commit to starting a conversation
be willing to step out a little even if it's in a small way
A Smile
These intentions can make a big difference if given the chance. All of us are placed near people and in situations where just taking that first step will simply allow us to enjoy people around us more.
I'll keep practicing.

January 10, 2014

Steward of time

For the month of January, I am embarking on an experiment on how to be a better steward of time. This got me thinking about the excessive burdens we place on ourselves as we try to do too much.  So many ideas, techniques, or mediums are available to us which we want to try.  So much inspiration that often leads us to unnecessary creating.  Perhaps we feel we may miss out on opportunities.  We wish for more time.  We try to prioritize and block our distractions or interruptions. 

I needed to find my way of understanding time management. One that would be more sustainable for me.   My spiritual study led me to reflect on the responsibility we have been entrusted with regarding time. 

Imagine how much time we would save if we freed ourselves from creating or participating in activities that do not align with our creative gifts/spiritutal gifts.  I would prefer to refer individuals to other creatives who are more equipped to handle other gifts that I don’t possess.  I know which creative areas or specific ministries are not meant for me.  Why would I insist on spending time trying to be something that naturally drains my energy level?  More importantly, focusing on gifts that draw me away from those that I can authentically claim as my most valuable gifts.  There are other gifts that have been placed in my care (in your care) to discover and nurture.  So it’s not about how much I can juggle, but more about how I spend my time with what has been entrusted to me (to you). 

So let’s assume we have authentically claimed our gifts.  Doesn’t it feel lighter?  I don’t feel that excessive burden. It frees me up to do or create authentically and naturally.  So now, that unloading has empowered me to focus.  Focus allows for clarity.  Clarity makes room for effective and efficient time management.

Because I have unloaded what is not part of who I am, I am able to give the best of who I am.  So maybe, after all, being a good steward of time is about giving the very best of what has been entrusted to each one of us.    This is the approach I am giving a try while I gently begin to claim my most valuable gifts. 
Thank you for reading----Ludid

January 8, 2014

Reflective practice

At the end of 2013, I reflected on areas I felt might have held me back during the year.  

The notes I took to get me to the most relevant question looked like a
mathematical equation on a college board.
The question that finally emerged focused on expectations.

How can I remove or ease the need to feel validated
for my creative efforts?
We want to connect so bad that we tend to equate that validation
with success or failure.
As I tried to find some form of insight by focusing on spiritual-centered expectations,
I learned that we are given this longing in order for us to seek out our
potential and purpose
To grow and transform.
To identify who we are out core.
The new year began with a new mindset that focused
on returning the gifts I've been given. Returning the gift of who I am through
my artwork, my joy, my actions, my faith, my hope, my words.
Focus on the giving rather than the getting.
The awareness that this reflection gave me
has been huge.  I wanted to share with you how reflecting on this
question has been so helpful for me. This is how I understand
my way of working through this aspect of my life.  

January 6, 2014

Bigger Faith

Trust.  Bigger Faith.
Trust.  Bigger Faith.
What does success look like for me at this point in my life?
The bigger I trust in God,
the richer the relationship gets.
Success=Bigger Faith

January 3, 2014

Consider the Impact 2014

One word turned into a phrase for me as I looked ahead on 2014.
It's been speaking to me for quite some time.
 I reflected on the phrase and organized a bit of a roadmap.
This may sound weird, but I look forward to the bumps and surprises.
My approach for 2014 will include integrating practices/rituals where I can
Be mindful of....
what I offer
how I love
what I learn
how I serve
how I give
how I receive
and Consider the Impact.