October 17, 2014

where the Spirit works

'Let my prayers guide my work and 
my work give way to prayer.'

  My most cherished practice. 
  The way my relationship to Christ gives way to His wonders.
 It is where the Spirit works.  

The invitation.

Let our prayers guide our work and 
our work give way to prayer. 

October 15, 2014

A not so ordinary morning

One morning....
a question surfaced.
A scary question.
A most amazing question.

God, what are you working on and
how can I join you?

October 8, 2014

the words that found me

May the beauty of the leaves where you live bring you
blessings or make you want to do wild somersaults.


October 3, 2014

Shine in the awkwardness

When I see someone's awkwardness,
 it reminds me of mine.

-mainly clumsy for me-
a would you trust me with your dishes moment

That reminder is truly an opportunity.
An opportunity that can become
a soul-shaping moment. 

A moment that includes a response in truth.
Embracing the awkwardness.
Reminded of my identity in Christ.  

Knowing that He shaped me.
Uniquely shaped each one of us.

Knowing that He loves us.

Believing that we already belong.

And if the awkwardness is part
of who I am, that might
just be part of what I have to give.

Shine bright.