February 12, 2015

From the Inside Out

Several weeks ago I started working through the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Tidying up in categories.  Clothes have been sorted, taken through the joy filter, and donated.  It's incredible how light it already feels.  So now let me backtrack a bit.

In December 2014, the Lord took me to Psalms 147:14.  'He makes peace in your borders; and fills you with the finest of wheat.' It immediately became my guiding verse.  The one that took me to my phrase of the year Draw Me Closer.  The verse that wonderfully wraps me.

When I had the opportunity to reflect on what project I needed to focus on these next months as part of a beautiful circle of women, my heart eventually led me to my home.  The way I needed to begin growing peace in my borders was by creating #homespaceblessings.  This is one way to begin making mental and physical space.

1.  The clothes have been sorted, taken through the joy filter, and donated.  Yay!
2.  All our books are stacked up in one area.  It is a happy kind of overwhelm.  The goal this week
is to take all the books and magazines through the joy filter.  I had been wondering about the best way to donate the books.  Last week, I received an e-mail from my son's school about the yearly book swap.  They will be receiving donations starting next week so it's perfect timing.  Any extra books that don't get swapped will be donated to classrooms and a local medical clinic.

The interesting thing about this project is how the concept of tidying up in categories transferred to something much more meaningful.  It is already beginning to feel like I entered a doorway to tidy up and fell right into wonderland.

1.Identified 4 top major categories that describe God's leading for me.  It all starts here: flourishing assuring rhythm, home space blessings, joy of art making, and essentially storytellers.  Let's face it, adding creative language to practices is a joyful process.
2.  The next step was to evaluate everything I have going on in all areas and identify 2 or 3 projects that fit the categories mentioned.

Getting rid of the excess or creative overwhelms is huge.  Now I can begin to focus on really matters.
It may sound really simple, but I am trying to understand it in my own way in order to follow through.

This is where I am.  More importantly, it is an important step to let peace in my borders grow the way God needs it to grow. The way God is guiding me in his own way; in his own timing; in unlikely ways; in unexpected ways is life-changing.

So let the work begin.

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