April 23, 2015

Enter and Embrace Podcast #5: Let Your Heart Breathe Moments

"listen to the quietude, the silence and the solitude of after-rain," 
 --from the book Listen to the Rain.

When I think about what makes me take a deep breath, it is mostly when it rains and the moment after it rains.  There is certain freshness that I want to breathe in.  Then I think about how rain makes my heart breathe too and how much it expands.

My heart breathes when I spend time in God's word and his grace.  It breathes when I read words that
touch my soul, when the Lord highlights words that comfort and guide- my heart breathes, when I can share my faith in creative ways that extend hope-it breathes, when I dwell in the hope that all is well in the hands of God.........it breathes.

Psalms 147:8 says, 
He covers the heavens with clouds; 
He prepares rain for the earth; 
He makes grass grow on hills. 

I am intentionally noticing these moments.  Releasing those that do not let my heart breathe and making adjustments to moments that are part of daily life that could be more let my heart breathe moments.

What are your let my heart breathe moments?

April 20, 2015

Bookbinding project

early this morning on the table.

bundles of artwork ready for binding.
i think bundles is my favorite word.

More about this project here.

April 17, 2015

Binding past artwork

I have boxes of  artwork from years of creating-collages and such.
So I decided to bind it all.  I tried not to think about what went where.  
I just gathered the artwork folded them into signatures and bound them.

Then I can just put them on my bookcase or 
on coffee table to enjoy like a book.  Perhaps I will journal on them too.

April 9, 2015

Breathing rain

Sometimes I wonder why I love cloudy days so much.
Why do I love #breathingrain?

And then again, 
I'd rather just receive it and live it.