May 15, 2015

Bundle Maker: Tea Bag Bundle Video and Giveaway

So excited to be sharing the next video and offering a giveaway.
I love tea especially dark chocolate tea.
I created some tea bag bundles for you of various flavors.

Leave a comment and one person will receive one bundle of tea.
I would love to know what you like to do most while drinking tea.
Random selection on Saturday night.

Bundle includes 6 tea packages of two different yummy flavors.
The other two bundles are part of my giveaway on Instagram. 
So come over to Instagram too!  

May 14, 2015

New Video Series: Bundle Maker

So excited about a new video series called Bundle Maker.
Inspired by one my #essentiallystorytellers stories shared
in previous post.  I am just going to have some fun and
prepare all kinds of bundles. Beginning the series with
a stamped wrapping paper bundle. 

Bundle Maker: Stamped Wrapping Paper Bundle from ludid ryu on Vimeo.

Stamping and folding.  Bundle ready for snail mail projects or gifts.

May 11, 2015

A Writing Practice: Essentially Storytellers

Earlier this year I started a new writing series that 
I share on Instagram called Essentially Storytellers.
This is a practice I started for myself as a way to embrace
writing in a different way.  It has been a way for me to reconstruct
certain stories and play with my imagination.
They are truly a joy to write. 

I have had this small notebook for years never knowing what 
use it for exactly.  When I started writing this series it became
the perfect capture tool.

Below is a story called Bundle Maker: 

What she recorded in her notebook was the title she would
print on her business cards right below her name:  #bundlemaker.
Then she added that the first item she would bundle up would be
old pages from a rain gardens field guide.
-ludid ryu

Follow me @ludidryu on Instagram to read more
from the #essentiallystorytellers series.

Have a beautiful Monday.