June 24, 2015

Just enough for the next step

The theme.
Just enough for the next step
The thread in my stories.

As I begin to look, I am catching glimpses of
this theme in my experiences and in my story.

Letting the answers take hold of my heart.  
 Simply writing it all down in whatever form it lands.

June 17, 2015

the Goliath in the room

As I enter into my creative space, someone insists on coming along with me.  It is never invited and comes in anyway.  It is my Goliath.  This uninvited visitor is called performing and positioning.

Performing and positioning looks like thinking about the outcome and needing it to look a certain way. At times it feels like I am on stage delivering a line in front of a crowd. Using hashtags to position myself in certain places.  Saving ideas, insights, and words for a later day or never. These are just a few ways performing and positioning make their way to my creative life.  These have taken me to stuck places and have stopped me, in their own unique way, from doing the work that needs to be done.

So I pray for new insights into how to tackle this Goliath that keeps inviting himself.  Today, the insight comes in the form of peacefully fruitful.  I want my work to be a faithful and peaceful response to promptings from the Spirit.

My peacefully fruitful insight looks like this today:

  • the outcome doesn't matter. walk into the unexpected.
  • i am not on stage. it is a life. a joyful response to the Spirit. my beacon.
  • hashtags are fun.  use them purposefully and sparingly.
  • saving creates overwhelm.  savor and share openly. 

Goliath will come with full force or in subtle ways. And because I don't expect him to knock next time, clarifying ways to respond is today's prompting.

June 16, 2015

Studio space blessings

Last week I started rearranging and moving out so much
of what I have accumulated in my creative space. Because
hashtags are fun, I called the project #studiospaceblessings.

The #studiospaceblessings project is not about letting go of things
although I have.  It is about inviting only that which is peacefully fruitful.
It asks for a beacon, clarity, and walking in the unexpected.